Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thailand Love Korea Star Especially Super Junior

Koreans are big in Thailand like Big Bang.

First off, we have the Wonder Girls giving a video message to their Thai fans. This is coinciding with the fact that the girls will be heading to Thailand next week to have some promotions.

Speaking of promotions... and surprisingly not mistaken for a Ladyboy in the land thats filled with them. Girly man Ajoo successfully held his promotions in Thailand earlier in the week. More than 2000 fans saw him at the Siam Center in Bangkok. Wherever Ajoo went in Thailand there were hordes of fans follwing him, from when he rode in his taxi to waiting for him outside the hotel - they did everything to catch a glimpse of the man that is the ideal model for lipstick commercials. It seems he has a much bigger fanbase in Thailand than his home country of Korea.

Last and definitely least is (that should get those psycho ELF's something to chuckle about) Super Junior. The overpopulated group (no wonder they're popular in China) was appointed to be the goodwill ambassadors of Korea for the 50th anniversary of the good relations of the two countries - Korea & Thailand. To celebrate the good relations, Super Junior will be heading to Thailand in October to perform and attend some other activities. If I were a Thai official, that would only worsen the relations - but alas Super Junior is popular in Thailand.

I know this post was a bit different than usual, since it's a combined news flash, but they were all related to Thailand. Just think of it as a Thailand redlight district special, you're getting three for the price of one and hopefully not a sausage surprise.

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