Saturday, May 3, 2008

Henry Say No To KiBum

“No, hyung!! NO!! For the….sixth? Yes, for the sixth times, hyung….NO!!!”

Sungmin looks up from his Mickey Mouse comic to see a pouting Henry walking out from Kibum’s room briskly and out of the dorm, violin case in his hand. Sungmin chuckles, could not help but feeling amused at his dongsaengs relationship. Kibum and Henry are a perfect picture of teenagers in love, or so he thought, loving each other deeply yet fight with each other so much. Once in awhile, like now, Sungmin wonders what are they fighting about and why?

Sungmin feels a pair of arms wrapping his neck from behind and he smiles when a kiss placed on his cheek. “What are you thinking about, hyung?” Kyuhyun whispers in his ear.
Sungmin turns to kiss his boyfriend. “Nothing much, really…just wondering why Kibummie and Henli fight so much lately” Kyuhyun nods in understanding. He has been thinking about that too. Everyone else brushes it off as ordinary lovers’ quarrel but since it happened more than three times with the same patterns, it is getting on everyone’s nerves.

Not to mention it started to effect on their activities too. Hankyung said Henry is acting—sometimes—more grumpy than usual though he still polite and never snap to any of his hyung. Kibum sometimes lost his concentration during filming or memorizing lines for his new drama. Strangely enough, no one stops to ask them or help them. Shindong said no one should step into a lovers’ quarrel. Yesung said they will make up eventually because they love each other too much. Siwon just prays for them. Leeteuk bans Donghae and Hyukjae’s eagerness to help for safety reasons. Ryeowook and Kangin simply do not understand. Heechul refused to come near Kibum, still traumatized with memory of an obviously in a bad mood Kibum snapped at him.

So that left Sungmin and Kyuhyun.

“Kyu”, Sungmin pinches Kyuhyun’s cheek, “I’m worried about them. Wh don’t we try to talk to them? Everyone’s worried…” Kyuhyun stares at Sungmin for a moment, contemplating the idea. Maybe they should, since no one dares approach them and someone has to do something about this. “Okay. Let’s ask Kibum hyung first since he’s still here…”

Inside Kibum’s room, the young man is sulking with headphones perch on his ears and a book—Pillar of The Earth—in his hands. Kyuhyun, who enters quietly after knocking, tries not to giggle at his hyung. Instead, he waves a hand in front of Kibum’s face to attract his attention and rewarded with a ‘what do you want, I’m not in the mood’ look. “Hyung…are you alright?”

His answer: ‘what do you think, do I look alright to you?’ look.

“Hyung, don’t be that way. I….we’re just worried”

Answer: ‘thanks so much but it’s none of your business so leave me alone’ look.

“Hyung, come on….I just wanna help. Try talking to me, please?”

Answer: ‘I told you, Cho Kyuhyun, don’t—‘

“Hyung, your quarrels are affecting band activities and everyone’s worried. I’m not gonna go until you tell me what’s going on with you and Henli so stop giving me that look and please use your voice. Why are you keep rejecting? I just—“

“Alright, ALRIGHT! FINE!”

Kyuhyun smirks in satisfaction and sits on the floor right in front of Kibum. “Okay, hyung. Spill it”

Kibum fidgets for some minutes on his seat, obviously uncomfortable but Kyuhyun ignores it and waiting patiently. Finally Kibum mumbles softly, in which Kyuhyun has to ask him to repeat in louder voice. Kibum looks up, but avoiding Kyuhyun’s eyes, and mumbles louder with a red face.

“He….refused to do it in the shower”

WHAT. THE. HEL—sorry, Siwon hyung—WHAT. THE. HEAVEN????


At Kibum’s glare, Kyuhyun successfully prevents any laughter to come out and nods. After he calms down a bit, Kyuhyun proposes to talk to Henry and see his reasons to refuse. Kyuhyun himself wonders what so wrong with the shower; Sungmin and Kyuhyun did it a few times already and it is fun and hot and—EHM!! Focus, Kyu, focus.

Meanwhile, Sungmin is on his way to Henry’s apartment, deciding to ask Henry first what the problem is. Right before he rings the bell of Henry’s room, he receives a text message from Kyuhyun and scampers off to an empty emergency exit door to laugh like crazy after read the content.

Half an hour of good laughter later, he rings the bell. Henry opens the door and smiles cutely at Sungmin, making the older boy practically glomps the boy and kisses his cheeks. Henry’s smile quickly gone though, when Sungmin asks him the very same question Kyuhyun had asked Kibum. “Nothing at all, hyung”

Less stubborn than Kibum, Henry gave up after Sungmin pulls a teary face at him and tells him the problem, which is pretty much the same with Kibum’s answer. Sungmin giggles and Henry pouts, turning his body from Sungmin and sits on the far end of sofa, hugging a Pooh plushie Kibum gave him.
“Aww, come on, Henli-ah~~”

Henry does not move an inch.

“At least tell hyung why you refuse him? Hyung just wanna help because hyung loves Henli and hyung hate it when Henli sad and—“

“Global warming, hyung”

Sungmin stops abruptly.

“How can you ask to do it in shower? It’s wasting all the water!! Don’t you know there are lots and lots of people need water but they can’t even drink a drop of it? That’s pure evil!!! Lately our earth’s water volume is decreasing and you expect me to use it for…for….you knows what!! Don’t forget I’m Canadian, right next to USA and there’s an AL Gore in USA! We watched him since I was little and he is so right! So my answer is NO!!!”

Now that is DIFFERENT from what Sungmin had expected. He thought Henry is too shy to be kinky, turns out the boy only cares too much to the environment. On one side, Sungmin is proud at such a caring dongsaeng but on the other side he really wants to laugh at the completely different reason and on another side again pitying poor hungry Kibum.

Actually all this water-talking has giving him a nice idea. VERY nice idea.

“Umm…okay then, but you should tell Kibum, you know. He’s very disappointed…”

“He won’t listen to me, hyung, I know it….”

“Fine, I’ll try to help you, okay?”


“Don’t worry about it. Oh and one last question, Henli-ah…”


“What’s Aru Gour again?”

Back to Sungmin and Kyuhyun together, both are laughing like there is no tomorrow and only stop after Heechul threatens to throw away all Sungmin’s pink wardrobe if they won’t stop anytime soon.
“Kibum and Henli, both are very interesting!”
“Kyu I have an idea~~ and maybe we could have fun too with them..?”

Kyuhyun smiles at his hyung. Yes, they can join them for whatever idea Sungmin has….unlike Kibum and Henry, Sungmin and Kyuhyun always open their hearts to each other, no secrets and no uncomfortable feelings left without discussions. So none of them get jealous of the idea joining the BumRy ‘activities’ since they always openly phrased their interest for the other guys. Kyuhyun wishes he can makes Kibum moans, Sungmin wishes he can ride on Henry, Kyuhyun wishes he can fill Henry, Sungmin wishes he can drink Kibum’s manliness, Kyuhyun wishes—and so on, and so on, and so on…

A few days later, when they are luckily staying in a five-star hotel, Sungmin fell in love at the first sight…..for the indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi that open 24-hours. Ignoring Leeteuk’s warning glare, he whispers his thought to Kyuhyun who, of course, immediately agrees.

Later at night, after Leeteuk finished his patrol and kicked every single members to sleep (or so he thought), Kyuhyun drags a sleepy Kibum to the swimming pool while Sungmin goes to kidnap an equally sleepy Henry.

Both sleepy boys are wide awake as soon as Sungmin and Kyuhyun discard all of their clothes and throw them into the pool. Henry sputters and not wasting any time to voice his protest but Kibum’s voice died down at the first sight of his lover. His NAKED lover.

“Oooh Henli~~ I don’t know your body’s so well-toned. No wonder Kibum goes crazy about you….I wonder how you’re taste like…”

Henry abruptly stops at Kyuhyun’s words. Slowly, he turns to Kibum with horrified look….and squeaks when he sees Kibum openly eating him with his eyes.

Henry’s stuttering only fuels up Kibum’s desire and by the time Sungmin and Kyuhyun finished shedding off their own clothes, Henry already moaning out loud, water splashing around the mating wet boys. Sungmin jumps into the pool and drags Kyuhyun with him. “We’re so lucky we can bribe the guards, hmmm?” Sungmin whispers seductively in Kyuhyun’s ear and lick his boyfriend’s lips. Kyuhun moans softly and nods, leaning in to nibbles at Sungmin’s neck.

Half an hour later, Henry is panting breathlessly in Kibum’s arms, the latter smiling widely. Henry perks up again when he feels a lips kisses his own and staring dumbly at a grinning Sungmin. Kibum frowns. “Hyung, what….AH!!! K—Kyu….wha…?”
Henry turns around to find Kibum’s eyes unfocused with Kyuhyun next to him, fingers playing on Kibum’s private.

Sungmin hugs Henry and showers his shoulders with sensual kisses before mumbles, “We wanna have fun with you two….”

There goes round two *or three* of Exploration of Human Body episode 12 in swimming pool….

When they are finally finished, the three members found a pouting Henry again.
“Henli-ah, it’s not like people can drink water from swimming pool….”

“Just admit you enjoyed it too. You were loud, baby….”

“Stop sulking like that, there’s nothing we can do to this kind of water…”

Yes, Henry knows it was fun. Very kinky and hot, despite in cold water. But now Henry is thinking what people can do with pool water, obviously cannot use it for the plants or aquariums….maybe for toilet? Hmmm…

“Henry, stop it right now”

Henry looks at his lover in confusion. “I didn’t do anything…”

Sighing, Kibum kisses Henry again and whispers, “No, but you were thinking about water problem again, am I right? Stop that” and Kibum kisses him again, filling Henry with all his love and lust in it. Kyuhyun and Sungmin smirks to each other before joining Kibum and start groping Henry again.

When they finally finished (for real!!), they are walking back to their hotel rooms with Kibum carrying a sleeping exhausted Henry in his arms. That’s when Sungmin asks him.

“Kibummie….what’s Aru Gour?

Kibum sighs.

“Al Gore? He’s an activist and politician who loves earth too much and does anything he can to prevent global warming. He is a good man and well-admired, very famous because of his caring attitude towards environment”


Silently Kibum writes a mental note that he will cut off all news about Al Gore before it can reach Henry’s ears……and quickly writes another note to take Henry to a swimming pool when the boy gets angry at the action. Maybe with Sungmin and Kyuhyun too…

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