Thursday, May 1, 2008

Management Company Clears Fake News of Hankyung's Girlfriend

Management company clears fake news of Hankyung's girlfriend, high popularity creating fake speculation
Recently there has been rumors involving Hankyung's, member of Korea's idol group SJ-M, new girlfriend being exposed. Management company SM Entertainment clarified through NetEase Entertainment that this rumor is false, insisting that this rumor was created because Hankyung's popularity is too high.
Earlier, there has been reports of reporters seeing Super Junior's Chinese member Hankyung shopping with a pretty girl in an anonymous shopping center in Beijing. Once the report was released the fans became explosive, and SJ-M fans voiced out that the young man in the picture does not look like Hankyung. Purposefully using Hankyung's popularity to create more attention and more readers are making people very repellent, and they strongly proposed the reporters that created this fake report to apologize publicly.
SJ-M's management company SM Entertainment released a statement through NetEase Entertainment reagarding the issue and said, "The young man in this picture is obviously not Hankyung. This is a fake report. Recently no matter if it's Hankyung or any member in SJ-M, their popularity is rising quickly, and this report is nothing but a little interlude created in the process."
Aside, Hankyung's group SJ-M's first album Me is already released, and the group has been making appearances in many of Mainland's well-known variety shows. This album's promotional activities is currently active like fire.

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