Friday, October 1, 2010


my Leader for me is Mrs.Miriam Defensor Santiago for the reason of that
She has a clean track records where ever she goes the discipline follows she has a frank personality with unmatched wit I really admire her intelligent and her strong personality

She has this kind of intensity that when she say something you must listen because your going to miss something, as we all know that she is tactless to those people who abuse the Pilipino masses Miriam Defensor Santiago is an icon not for the women but also for students like me when she was young she is a multi-talented she won at swimming competition
she also won at debate in Visayas in her time and she is at the top when she entered college in her region, she passed the bar exams without giving any effort, and she also consider as the one of the most intelligent Filipino Citizen, in her life time she graduated with flying colors, and she also went and got her masteral degree in Politics in different Universities like Harvard and Oxford that is two of the most prestigious Universities in the world

And back in her early childhood she is consistent Valedictorian elementary until high School and Magna Cum Laude at College

Miriam has an invictus political will she is a heroine for farmers and a defender of Pilipino
She has a ruthless aggression when it comes to graft and corruption she vowed to know one and willing to die for what its rights she already received thousands of death threat but she still stand tall and willing to die

She has this charisma and personality that I really admire her indomitable spirits plus a wit and valor equals to TRUE LEADER