Friday, May 2, 2008

KiBum New Drama "Happy Events at Chunja's"

Super Junior member Kim Kibum returns to acting after a year and four months.

Kim Kibum will star in MBC's new daily drama 춘자네 경사났네 "Happy Events at Chunja's" (tentative title), the sequel to "Ah Hyung Dong Madam". A staff member revealed today that the drama will premiere on May 19, and Kim Kibum's role involves a love relationship with an older woman. After the SBS drama, "Snow Flower" ended in January last year, this will be Kim Kibum's first drama.

"Happy Events at Chunja's" deals with how the main character, Yeon Bun-hong, is betrayed by a man and becomes an unmarried mother. She and her old mother lives together, bravely walking through life's difficult struggles.

In this drama, Kim Kibum plays Park Jung-woo, a warm and passionate young man. He and Yeon Bun-hong will be involved in a triangle relationship along with his older brother, Park Jung-yeon. Although in the drama Park Jung-woo becomes the PD of a TV show, after he falls in love with the older Lee Soo-ri, he insists for marriage. The drama, with Yeon Bun-hong as the center, involves triangle relationships and other sweet romantic tales.

Kim Kibum plays a strong character. Playing opposite of him is the strong Wang Bit-na, who hopes to have more chances to act with Kim Kibum.

"Ah Hyung Dong Madam" 's last episode is on May 9, and before "Happy Events at Chunja's" airs, a family documentary will be airing during that time slot.

MBC .Mon-Fri .7:45 P.M starting May 19, 2008 ,30 days from now =D

I can't wait for it =3 , so he was so busy filming it !!

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