Monday, April 28, 2008

Super Junior On EHB 2?

According to various rumors and talk out there, word is spreading that Super Junior will be back with Season 2 of the hit show "Explorers of the Human Body". The basic premise of the show is to answer curious questions about the human body. The Super Junior members perform various tasks by doing experiments with their own bodies. The show was very successful and had high ratings mainly because of the comedic value (and of course those crazy ELF's will watch anything with Super Junior on it). There is no official word but psycho elf's super junior fans are buzzing with excitement about the prospect of the show returning.

Unfortunately, not all 13 or was it 14 or 15 members of Super Junior will appear on the show due to individual actitives. But perhaps they could focus the second season on ShinDong - his body is so large that he could easily encompass all 13 episodes alone.

Here's a preview clip of the upcoming season: