Friday, May 2, 2008

A'STI Kisser Super Junior Ass

A'ST1 (A Style) who recently caused a lot of drama with their Super Junior take down campaign, are actually ass kissers.

On an Mnet show which aired on the 4th, A'ST1 and Super Junior finally met up and spoke about the controversial commercial.

A'ST1 stated "We actually respect Super Junior and want to be just like them."

Super Junior accepted the shameless ass-pattery by stating, "it's great to have a new rookie group look up to us, we would love to buy them a romantic dinner sometime."

I gotta give A'ST1's management props for creating a great marketing campaign, absolutely brilliant. First, attack one of the most popular groups in Korea, then give them a name to compliment their behavior: A Style (Ass-kissing Style) - well done!

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