Wednesday, March 18, 2009

really feel that KiBum has been PISSED OFF on their Music Video Sorry Sorry

I really Feel Sad For Him Cuz I Expect that
He Will got the Same Time Exposure Than the Other Member..!!

and one more thing and i always thinking if KiBum
at least 10 words on that song..!!

based on my observation its Unfair on his part
the other member at least 2 turn on that music video
his exposure is on the start it almost 1-2 second and on the last part which takes 1 second

I real Feel Bad..!!

I hope on their next music video he will get a fair time of exposure


Phway said...

I feels sad after I read this . I hope next time they will be fair.

xxshuyin said...

This is a month late, but I think he the only reason he didn't get that much time was because he had other things to do. He didn't learn the dance either. So it's not that they weren't being fair, but it was because he had somewhere to be and couldn't make time for it.