Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kim Taeyeon you are a big RACIST!

Teayeon: Isn't She Pretty For a black person

On the video that i watched The SNSD watching The GEE PUMASHOCK version Almost all are Shock and amaze of how great PUMASHOCK is Except for One Person KIM TAEYEON She really PISSED OFF and she feel that "OMG SHE IS MUCH BETTER THAN ME" O COMMON dont be so HYPOCRITE The Other Member are so happy because they are known WORLDWIDE and Your Just Ruin It


Jennfer said...

Leave her alone

getlazy said...

Your really stupid. You should really leave her alone she's human as well, and make mistake. We all know shes an idol, and should watch what she said, but sometimes it can't be helped because we're human, and there's misunderstanding. Cause because she said 'black' doesn't mean it's racist. Some Africans aren't considered African because of culture wise, and stuff. So your really stupid to call her racist. You don't know anything. People who think she's racist are really stupid, and need some education

Anonymous said...

just want to show you some support
she's a racist

so according to the previous comment we should leave all the fucking racist alone (?) WTF...

pumashock > all those b!tches

alex_calaunan said...

What? You're not gonna forgive her? Man.. You guys. Forgive her man. Everyone makes mistakes. As if your heart is so pure. NEVER wanna hurt a fly. C'mon, cut off those vulgarities here. We don't need 'em.

zhongtao said...

no she is not racist. can u guys think in an opposite way. american people make fun of asians more then we make fun of ya!! american is the most racist race in the world!!