Saturday, November 22, 2008

Super Junior FAT HOG Shindong is Skinny Again?For Real!!!

Super Fatty of Super Junior, Shindong, has finally reached his goal in losing 35 pounds!

In celebration, he released a new photo of himself and you can really tell that he lost a lot of weight:
I didn't think he would use myspace angles and photoshop to trick us like he did the last time...

...But Nope, it's just a hoax, once again.

Still super fat.

On top of still being fat, he proved that he is still a Super Pig. Before the game "Eat Your Lunch Without Your Teacher Knowing Challenge", Shindong said "During class, you secretly eat your snacks, right? Well, I drank them."

He showed everyone exactly that by devouring hamburgers so fast that it shocked everybody on the set.

But still, losing 35 pounds is a great deal... I just guess it just doesn't really show when you weigh 400 pounds, so props to you anyways Shindong.

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Michael said...

is hard to slim down but not impossible