Friday, November 21, 2008


I think you all know what I mean. Every group inevitably has a member that isn't as attractive as the rest, and while we don't want to be shallow, it's true that idols should at least be somewhat above average looking, because if we want to look at butt ugly people, there's no need to look at a tv or computer screen: there are plenty of them around us. Or, some of us could just look into a mirror.

It would be somewhat excusable if that ugly duckling happens to be way more talented than the rest and could thus bring up the overall musical appeal of the group, but sometimes that isn't even the case. You just can't help but wonder, was a blind person picking out the members of that new group?

The award is called ugly duckling for a reason: with today's cosmetic surgery technologies, we can hope that some day these lucky selected few would do themselves and the rest of the world a favor by evolving into a beautiful swan.

So here we go, the AKP Ugly Duckling Award 2008 goes to the following ladies and gentlemen, in no particular order, as they are quite equal in their visages that words cannot describe:

Okay, I could have been a little more creative with this one, but there is no arguing with a fact. Even after he shed some of that pork, Shindong is still no idol material. It's okay, I think SM meant for Super Junior members to go in whichever directions they could take themselves, in other words, "Here's your group, now make yourself famous or that's the end of your career," and Shindong has really proven himself as an MC and gagman. He could have a very successful future.

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