Sunday, August 15, 2010

Expirience of a life time

Have you missed doing something?
Well i miss a lot of things since I stepped into College..!
I missed screaming,loitering,eating in library,burning some testpaper,throwing grabage from the window of room and does not have any care whos gonna hit(SOME TIMES THE BADJAO)..!

back in my high school life i thought college life is much comfortable...!
but now im in college my thrist for high school overwhelm..!

I remember back when i was just a freshmen the moron one..!
I have this crazy idea sometimes a vision to dominate my classmate in all aspect..!
but as further as my freshmen life continues i realize that their is no need for that..!

and i started to establish my friendship with other people..!!
the type of people i never imagined to be my friends..!
we did all the worst things as a freshmen could do..!
but slightly we are still afraid from the prefect,but later that fear turned into a joke..!

me and my friends committed tardiness 5 days a week,because all we need to do is to just go to prefects office and tell lies and reason why we are late..!
and when i remember the factions that we created,it gives me a smile in my face...!!
we actually bullied all of those who resist in our groups leaving them no choice but to absorb us in the class wheter they liked it or not..!

And Year later we are now sophomore and we decided to disband the groupd..!
sice all of us is been scatterd into different sections..!
they have now their new friends and new people to connives to spread some doom..!
and then since new section it means new friends and plans..!
at first it so harsh to obtain new friends since im not really use to it..!
to have new classmate..!

And after months of coping and reading their atitudes i finally found new friends..!
but this times no more bad thing to do..!

But i was wrong,i actually enjoy doing some "things"..!
2nd year is almost all of my frist time..!

its my first time to crumple the testpaper of my classmate while checking it and its not recorded yet..!
for the lame reason that its a waste of time..!
and instead of feeling guilt and sorry for what i did..!

i actually laugh at it,because the way of how she criend..!
but the good thing is she dosent know that we are the responsible for it(evil laugh)...!!

setting a mat at the back during,Biology and T.L.E class..!
playing "MADJONG" during Mathematics,lasering our Computer teacher..!
and many more classical antiques..!
including Not attending the Values Education subject for 3 months..
because its boring and its once a week..!
and later my new group and new classmate actually understand our diffirences..!

its my first time to feel that i am part of the class..!
we showed respect for each other(except for some lousy people)...!

We are so united we share common goals,but im not boasting anything about it..!
sharing some secrets with each other,flirting,teasing and etc..!
my conficende in trusting people even they are not close to me boost..!
until now if i see those people the Generosian(GENEROSITY)its like a reunion..!
even we just met yesterday,we share endless story especially today that we are college already and we have different choices in life..!
but the brotherood and sisterhood bonds us together with the memory that we chersih for our lifetime..!

and every good things must come to an end,and hello Juniors..!
I am 3rd Year and my section is Temperance(TEMPERANIAN)..!
Temperance is composed of gays,lebians,jubilant,dope,silly and etc..!

I already predict whats gonna happened..!
until this curly,skinny woman appear in the scene..!
and guess what she's my advicer,and soon she will be my nemisis..!
Since i dont want my new classmate,adviser,and my section..!
i have this uprising feelings that "i hate this section"...!
until karma struck me in the middle of the October when i was hited by bad luck..!
and guess what those moron actually help me to moved from that mess..!
and i was to thankful to god and to them,and realization comes..!
I've learned to love and accept for who are they and for who i am..!

and one of the most memorable is the exhibit..!
where are reqiure to give some ideas and they give their ideas..!
and the funny thing is they love my idea and that is to use the "2012 Apocalytic prediction of Mayans for the Armageddon of this Planet"..!
I felt so touched and happy,and our adviser gives all support that we need to built that massive project and it is also blessing in disguised for the bonding and enthusiasm..!
and the most funny this while we are working our sneaky adviser did her magic..!
the "STOLEN SHOT" the ugliest photo of our life..!
we are laughing to death with our ugly embarassed pictures...!

My Expirience With my High School is the product of what I AM to day..!
wheter i did bad and good things for the thing i occured..!

Thank you for all people who had been part of it..!
and i really learned even its on the hard way..!!

This is a satire article..!

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