Monday, October 6, 2008

Super Juior are Nominated To Guiness World Of Book Records as THE WORLD’S LARGEST BOYBAND

Another Great Achievement For This Guys
If they Win This One. Cassiopeias Of TVXQ hold the LARGEST FAN BASED ON THE WORLD
with All Most 800,000 And Not Included The unregistered Member
But the ELVES are Doing Their Best To Enter Super Junior On Guiness
because We All Know that Only The BEST among the Best are allow to ENTER

Kang In and Shindong
i hate You Guyz why did You for have a Tattoo..


Rachel said...

Uhhh...Of course Suju will have a big chance and that has got nothing to do with 'especially when cassiopeia base is the biggest in asia' and blah!come on,suju's going for the biggest band,and naturally,DBSK wouldn't even count as they only have five members???and as lots of cassies love suju too...there's no doubt most of them will support suju in their running for the record book!

Anonymous said...

Super Junior is THE BEST !!!
Thanks for both of you !!
I believe that Super Junior will go up to the Guiness World Record !
They make a big success (Although they are so many members in group but they manage the group very well).
Many group try to fight with Super Junior but failed !!!!!!(Because many members' group is so difficult to manage)
I LOVE and SUPPORT Super Junior forever !!!!!